Absolute Power: Task Force VII #4

Failsafe, the relentless android with all of Batman’s skills and none of his morals, hunts Nightwing and his newest recruits. On the run from Amanda Waller and her Amazo army, Dick Grayson is gathering heroes to bolster the growing resistance. But even his surprising new allies may not be enough to protect them from brutal consequences when Failsafe finds their hidden lair!

Out Aug 13th

Poison Ivy: Uncovered

This gallery of Poison Ivy’s greatest variant covers celebrates the first year of the verdant villainess' acclaimed, GLAAD Award-winning ongoing series.

DC Pride 2024

Poison Ivy Marasmius

The story finds Pamela Isley and her sidekick Janet traveling to a deep-space trading hub called Portworld. It is here that Pamela hopes to acquire the last surviving spores of the extinct Marasmius enaus mushroom